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Want to develop cutting-edge skills, get employed or start a digital business?

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As an impact-driven training provider, our training programs are geared towards employable skills development, innovative startup creation and business support

What We Do

Skills Development

Our skills development program comes in the form of technical and soft skills. 

  • The technical skills include software development, product design, UI/UX design, digital marketing and social media marketing.
  • Our soft skills are subdivided into Core Skills and Employability skills

The Core skills training teaches participants how to integrate the following Core Skills (the 6 C’s) into their work and life:

  • Curiosity & Discovery
  • Communication & Empathy
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
  • Citizenship & Leadership

The Employability skills training cover the following areas:

  •  Job interview skills
  • Resume/CV preparation
  • Professional behavior at work
  • Personal branding through social media
  • Job search skills

Entrepreneurship Development

We are committed to the development of a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa. We therefore offer entrepreneurship development programs right from the ideation to the growth stage through the following paths:

Digital Startup Creation

We train, mentor and facilitate funding for individuals who want to create digital startups or digitally-enabled startups

Business Support

We provide digital support, business development, mentoring, market linkages and training to early stage startups, micro and small businesses.

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The people Love Us


I want to thank the entire MEST and Whizzy team for the opportunity and support during the entire Pre-MEST program and also making my dream of becoming software engineer a reality.

Rafique Adam Cudjoe Software Engineer

Truthfully, combining coding with motherhood was not easy, but when I look back, I am glad I was able to complete this program because opened me to a world I never knew existed.

Thelma Andoh Technical Support, HapaWeb